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TumbleWeeds Sterling Legacy

LEGENDARY GYPSY Bloodlines  OF EXCELLENCE! * 7.22.16 * *PSSM1= clear *  ee|nZ|nCr|Aa 
1ST to none , we are the Silver Dapple Gypsy Farm and will stand the BEST of the BEST. 
Tumbleweed GrandSIRE vanner HALL of FAME and BOSS bloodlines(my favorite).
In 2016-  GVHS has recognized Tumbleweed as the first horse ever in the 20 year history of the GVHS to achieve the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society Hall of Fame.  (The award is given to stallions and mares with demonstrated ability to produce quality offspring.)  August 2015, FIVE of his offspring achieved multiple Gold Medallions of Quality, and 1 a Five Star status in Conformation-Movement as well as his Versatility Medallion of Honor.  Although saddened by Tumbleweed's passing in 2016, we are grateful for this lovely reminder of him, as well as seeing his offspring continue his legacy.  
T. Sterling Legacy1
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