2019 Foals GALLERY

*SOLD-out* (click on photo)

sold 2) FILLY RUMBA -SOOTY BUCKSKIN exp. 15h  (R. Silver x  *SundanceKid  DANCER)       -Mar 7
sold 3) FILLY  Kings Fancy -BAY exp. 14.1h -(Lion King's Zorro x Brackenhill Billy's Girl "BG" )  -Apr 12  
       1) FILLY SilverTini -SILVER  DAPPLE exp. 14.1-2h ( R. Silver   x  Lenny's  CAMEO)      -  May 20   
sold 4) FILLY Prada Bay -  Bay exp 14.1-2h - (R. Silver  x  CINDI (Bob Blagdon/Midget )         -  June 1st    

sold 5) COLT  Toy Soldier -  Black+4socks exp 15.2h -  (R. Silver   x  Bob's JAZZ           -  MAY  24   
sold 6) COLT Mouse -  Black exp 13.2-3h  - (R. Silver   x   Lionheart mare)                             -  June 3  


 breeding the TRUE deep gypsy bloodlines of the legends,


the Romani gypsy  culture  and there beautiful horses  they developed over decades. 

"I am seeking.  I am striving.  I am in it with all my heart." Vincent van Gogh

Link reference to  Gypsy Sale barn.com