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Cini BLU  -14h Bred by TOM PRICE- Bob Blagdon+Midget Bloodlines  ALL to Roadsweeper


Foals-    *GDR keepers
2022 filly Blu Moon Majic - buckskin (SIRE: O.G.)
2021  filly Silver Bay Goldie          (Sire:Tumbleweeds Sterling),
2020 colt buckskin  Bandito/Falkor (Sire: O.G.)
2019 -Filly Royal Prada                (sire:Sir ROyal Silver         

2018 filly tri-colored/Blu eyes SKY   (Sire: O.G.),  
2017 filly BuckskinPandora           (Sire: O.G.),  
2016 Colt tri - Flash Gordon          (Sire: O.G.),  
2014 Palomino Blu eyes Blu by U    (Sire: O.G.),  
2013 filly
Sundance Dancer          (SIre: Sundance Kid)  

Above Cindi in Music Video with canadian SHyAnne
Below 2017 Filly SKY- 2022 SUPREME Grand Champion MARE, Bogota, Colombia

2022SKY_champ (2).jpg
Cindi Best.jpg
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