Olivers GOLD -O.G. "Ohh Gee"  Stud fee is $1,500.00 / Early Bookings $1200(ask)
Sire: UK Coates Oliver x  Dam:  Coats Romi Angel (lines of Kent Horse & Billy Boy aka Christie Horse)
13.3h |   Ee | nCr | Aa **PSSM1= clear/negative  LFG |  AI | 100% settlement success  rate |
Premier UK Breeding not a lucky throw! SIRE Coates Oliver AND  brothers (same Dam) are the well known Dooley Horse' and  'Mosey'. Three black colts were    bred  "On the Trot!"   
All of these three colts have made Famous stallions so clearly Oliver was not a lucky throw he is a result of   QUALITY  BACK BREEDING.   (Statements from UK Amy&Albert   Coates)   fyi: O.G. 's got the TROT!

2019 OG Show pics B.jpg