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2020 Royals COCO Channel   "xxx-pretty and LEGS" -*currently Keeper*

(SIR ROYAL Excalibur x Lady TinkerBella ) 06MAR Exp. 14.3-15h. SILVER DAPPLE filly.   Always PSSM1/FIS= clear at GDR

Filly bred for success! Very athletic GIRL, so graceful!  Small head/ears, short back, athletic  shoulder and leggggs.

Many siblings are showring champions!

XXX-Pretty  and sweet filly.  Not all gypsies are athletic. I cant say enough about this one. 

Amazing amazing back breeding of the greats:  Sir Royal Excalibur,  Boss/Business and all back to the Road sweeper .


Gypsy Silver Dapple GOLD


 breeding the TRUE deep gypsy bloodlines of the legends,


the Romani gypsy  culture  and there beautiful horses  they developed over decades. 

"I am seeking.  I am striving.  I am in it with all my heart." Vincent van Gogh

Link reference to  Gypsy Sale barn.com