2022 Foals GALLERY 

(ALL PSSM1/FIS clear)
*NO genetic health issues in 18 years of gypsy breeding! 

2022 50/50 SIlver Dapple +/- Blue Roan +/- creme (Palomino & Buckskin)
11/20/2022  (SIR Royal Excalibur  x LIONS KING VENUS)  -50/50 SIlver Dapple
2)  2/1/2022   (SIR Royal Excalibur  x SD Whiskey Mare "Shi" (blue roan)  SIlver Dapple +Blue Roan
3) 2/1/2022 -  (SIR Royal Excalibur  x TINKERbella -(many showring champs) 50/50 SIlver Dapple
4)  5/9/2022   (Tumbleweeds Sterling x All that Jazz "MOP mare"SIlver Dapple +/-buckskin, palomino
5) 5/15/2022 -(Tumbleweeds Sterling x Brackenhill Billy's Girl) - 50/50 SIlver Dapple +/- palomino. buckskin
6)  7/7/2022    (SIR ROYAL Excalibur x Westmoreland's  BLUE  Velvet)50/50 SIlver Dapple
7)  8/15/2022  (SIR ROYAL Excalibur x Westmoreland's  REECE) 50/50 SIlver Dapple
8) 9/1/2022   (OG x CINDI Blu)  +/- Blue eyes, palomino. buckskin, tri-colored            
9) 8/20/2022  (OG x SIR Royal Reign "Rainy")       50/50 SIlver Dapple +/- palomino 
MORE... SIR ROYAL SILVER has outside foals expecting.. contact us if your interested.


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SIR Royal Excalibur
SIR Royal SIlver
SIR Royal SIlver
Silver x  DIVA
BG 2021b

Billys Girl "BG"


Westmoreland Blu Velvet


Westmoreland Reece


Westmoreland Reece

Silver x LionKings Venus-2022

SD lines SHI

Sterling x ALL that JAZZ-2022
T. Sterling x Royal Reign
Sir Royal x Lady TinkerBella-2022
2021 Foal
2022 Foal
OG Progeny
2022 Foal