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Gypsy Dance Mares

Cindi Blu(2009-2023)

Cindi Blu(2009-2023) Irreplaceable Legendary MARE... RIP Cindi!

British Cara

British Cara (bobBlagdon, Natwest,BlackJack, Midget, SD Cheif)


TinkerBELLA -Showring Champion Producer

Lion Kings' LK Heiress "the rose line"

2017 Lion Kings Silver Dapple Confetti nZ

Sired by SD Whiskey

Lucky's Blue Velvet

WestmoreLand Lucky's Blue

Westmoreland Bred

SunDance Kids Dancer

SunDance Kid x Cindi Blu Legacy

2023 Blu Majic

23Blu Majic -Cindi Blu's Legacy

All that JAZZ

Jazz-The MOP mare- more feather than ALL!

22Sterlings x Jazz- Kiss-nCr/nZ/Aa


DIVA -(2001-2023) Legendary Mare! RIP Beautiful!

Royals Silver Reign "Rainy"

Silver Reign "Rainy"-sold

Lion Kings Venus

Lion Kings Venus-SOLD

BrackenHill Billys Girl "BG"

BrackenHill Billys Girl "BG"-sold

Royals Vogue-SOLD

Royals Vogue-SOLD

Lion Kings Bullet "ZOE"

Lion Kings Bullet "ZOE" -sold

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