2021 Foals GALLERY


1)  4/1COLT -SIR ROYAL Excalibur        x Westmoreland's  REECE 

2) 4/5-COLTTumbleweeds Sterling  x Brackenhill Billy's Girl     
3) 4/15-FILLY- -Tumbleweeds Sterling x     CINDI Blu          

4)  4/19-FILLY -Tumbleweeds Sterling x  *SundanceKid  DANCER) -   

5)  5/15       Tumbleweeds Sterling  Royal Reign "Rainy"    

6)  7/4    -SIR ROYAL Excalibur         x Westmoreland's  BLUE  Velvet

7)  8/15    SIR ROYAL Silver       x DIVA  - BIG n BOLD 15.2h mare    


82/2022  -SIR Royal Excalibur   x LIONS KING VENUS 

9)  2/2022   SIR Royal Excalibur   x SD Whiskey Mare "Shi" (blue roan)  

10) 2/2022 - SIR Royal Excalibur   x TINKERbella   -(showring champion foals

11)  2022   Tumbleweeds Sterling  x All that Jazz       

 *SOLD*-  ?/2022  OLivers GOLD - x LIONS KINGs ZOe    

GDR Mares.jpg
W. Reece x Royal.jpg
Cindy x Sterling.jpg

*1April   COLT


Cadbury Cadillac



Cadbury Castle, England

formerly Camalot

(King Arthurs court)  

**Cadillac COPYcat of his GRANDsire

Westmoreland LUCKY . . . WOWza!!


2021 Reece colt.jpg

   *14April  Silver Bay Filly -

Little RED Corvette




"TRIBUTE to PRINCE on his 5th anniversary RIP"



BG x Sterling.jpg

5April/  Colt   Houdini King of Cards         


"Houdini" aka **Pretty BOY 

Dancer x Sterling.jpg


* 19April/  Filly


Boot Scootin Boogie  "Boogie"

T. Sterling x Royal Reign.JPG

          x  Sterling (ee/nZ/nCR)   

Black Silver Dapple, Silver Bay, Silver Buckskin,

    Silver Smoky Black, smoky black , black or bay 

              = ?


BLU x Royal.jpg
Diva x Silver.jpg

         x  Sir Royal  (EE/nZ)   

50% Black Silver Dapple 

50% Black/white

      * w/o BLUE eyes

          = ?


         x  Sir Royal Silver  (EE/nZ)   

50% Black Silver Dapple 

50% Black/white   

      = ?


Tumbleweeds Sterling
SIR Royal Excalibur
SIR Royal SIlver
SIR Royal SIlver
Silver x  DIVA
Sir Royal x Lady TinkerBella-2022
Silver x LionKings Venus-2022
Sterling x ALL that JAZZ-2022
2021 Foal
2022 Foal
2022 Foal