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2006  LION KINGS Heiress "Rose" aka Kiara

(LION KINGS daughter  x Dam foaled by Sid Harker "The Gypsy King"  from the ROSE Line )  14.3-15h 

PHOTOS dont do this mare Justice.  MARE bred for success! Very  amazing GYPSY, so graceful!  Super SWEET disposition, short back,BONE,  athletic.

Amazing amazing back breeding of the greats:  Lion King, SID Harker, Gypsy Queen, ROSE lines led back to Roadsweeper & Coal horse.


ALion King Kia Rose.jpg

Grand-Daughter Wild Rose

LK RoseGrandD.jpg

2010 LK Lenny's Legacy  
(DJ Lenny x The Queens LK Heiress

2010LK Lennys Legacy.jpg

Dam: The Gypsy QUEEN

SIRE Lion King.JPG


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