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12MAY 2022 FILLY Tumbleweeds'  I LOVE LUCY pssm1-clear

BAY (Tumbleweeds Sterling x BrackenHill Billy's Girl )  -Pending

*Hall of Fame Tumbleweed, UK BrackenHill lines,,  Sir Royal Excalibur and  BOSS lines

*XXXX PRETTY FIlly  / Exp.  14.3-15h  -SHe will be built like  a BRICK-house.

**DAM Billys GIRL aka BG maybe for sale to the right home (mid 20's)

Lucky sig.png

SIRE: Tumbleweeds Sterling Legacy


XDAM: GDR BrackinHill Billy's GIRL

*Hall of Fame GRANDsire Tumbleweed-(deceased).

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