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Lenny's Cameo 14.h  12k **Limited Time offer 2-1Package. 
Selling bred to Olivers Gold O.G.  "Ohh Gee" . Due5/8/2020.   Sweet sweet well trained mare. Lenny's Cameo aka "Cami".  

We purchased her for your excellent gypsy bloodlines as a broodmare not performance.   

Cami has retired from her driving and riding career, hence she is being sold for alot less than if she could drive/ride.  
Cami loves being a mom and foals like a dream, never had issues.  
Her great Gypsy Lenny's bloodlines   make her valuable to the breed as an excellent broodmare with the rare old old gypsy bloodlines.  We are downsizing and need to  sell a few good mares. Let our loss be your gain! 

++Bred to Olivers Gold "O.G." for may2020

2008 Cami 14h (8).jpg
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