2020 Foals GALLERY  (ALL PSSM1/FIS clear)

1) Silver Dapple FILLY -Coco Chanel- Sir Royal x TINKERbella                 Mar6     (0)   -Keeper
2)  Tri-color      FILLY  -
Whinny -Westmoreland's Razzle x REECE -           Mar2  (-10)    SOLD
3) Buckskin       COLT - BATMAN ( R. Silver x  *SundanceKid  DANCER) - Mar26  (-4)      

4) Black         COLT -JEDI -(TumbleWeeds Sterling x Brackenhill BG) -     April 20  (0)     SOLD       
5) Buckskin    COLT  BANDITO - (OG  x  CINDI Blu) -                                 APRIL 24  
(-6)   SOLD

6) Pebald            FILLY - Domino        (TumbleWeeds Sterling x Royal Reign "Rainy"  June 11  (-10)   -HOLD

7) *SOLD TumbleWeeds Sterling  x   Lionheart       8) *SOLD  OG   x  Lenny's  CAMI        -  Aug 26 (-10)                       

Domino Filly 12k
Domino Filly (Tumbleweeds Sterling x Royal Reign)
Tumbleweeds Sterling
x Royals Silver Reign "Rainy"
Batman-9k (EE | nCr |Aa)
Sir Royal Silver
x SunDance Kid's Dancer
Jedi  Colt 6.5k (EE)-sold
Tumbleweeds Sterling
x BrackinHills Billys Girl
Hold-Coco Channel(nZ|EE) filly
SIR Royal Excalibur
x Lady TinkerBella
SOLD- Bandito
O.G.  "Ohh Geee"
x Cindi Blu by Midget
Winnie -sold
Westmoreland Razzle Dazzle
x Westmoreland Reece
Due 2021
All that Jazz x Silver
All that Jazz
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 breeding the TRUE deep gypsy bloodlines of the legends,


the Romani gypsy  culture  and there beautiful horses  they developed over decades. 

"I am seeking.  I am striving.  I am in it with all my heart." Vincent van Gogh

Link reference to  Gypsy Sale barn.com